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About this Blog

The Secured Globe blog has started on August 2008.

Secured Globe, Inc. is proud to introduce you to its technology, brand and products through this Blog.

Today’s software industry, having a variety of coding environment, also brings new security threats that modern Software Vendors have to cope with. The DOT NET environment brings new threats created by the weakness of compiled applications, which, unlike C++ applications, can be easily reverse engineered. Mixed code applications, which use DOT NET mixed with managed or un-managed C++ code, are even more difficult to secure and protect.

Unlike in the past, when end users had to reconcile with the inevitable need to stick a “dongle” or read activation keys from the back of the CD, today’s users feel they deserve better, meaning, being able to copy, upload, download, share, upgrade, lend and borrow software products with a minimal (if any) overhead from their end.

The idea behind Secured Globe came from identifying the need to provide these software houses a unique solution which will address both to the security related needs, but will also provide the freedom and flexibility that today’s users expect to have. The ability to enjoy both worlds has become the motto behind Secured Globe, and brought with it several additional products, in the field of information and application security and protection.

According to the latest BSA-IDC report, (May 11, 2010), the rate of global software piracy climbed to 43 percent in 2009, a two-percentage-point increase from 2008. Software theft exceeded $51 billion in commercial value in 2009. BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman says: “The public and private sectors need to join forces to more effectively combat an epidemic that stifles innovation and impairs economies on a global scale,”

If we look at these 43% in terms of money, it brings to the conclusion that for every $100 worth of legitimate software sold in 2009, an additional $75 worth of unlicensed software also made its way into the market. Secured Globe’s vision is to help software houses to decrease their loss, by providing them the protection against theft and yet the freedom to deploy their products easily and quickly.


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