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Floating Licensing

We have recently started developing a new type of licenses. Floating licenses.

When a license isn’t used, there is no reason that someone else will be allowed to use it, provided that a license will not be used by more than one users at the same given moment.

Floating Licenses are an ideal solution for corporations, where instead of estimating the number of licenses (or the appropriate price) of given software, the organization can pay only per actual usage of the licensed application.

Licenses can be consumed on the fly, by the employees, and then, after completion, to be released back to the company’s pool.

Our goal is to setup a mechanism that will allow us to charge our clients only when their clients (end-users) actually activate their product. Floating Licenses allow us to go a step further, and to pay per use, while allowing others to use the same license when it is not occupied.  As a result, the costs are lower and more accurate, so everybody wins.




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