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When can we interfere

One of our clients gave us an idea when he requested to have as one of the predefined settings for a Product, to define it as an “autostart” application. In such case, the client would like his application to start whenever Windows start. There are several ways to define that, and the most straight forward way is to place a shortcut in the Programs->Startup folder. This method is more user friendly, since there is no need to get deep into the Windows Registry. We decided to adopt this feature, and we are now allowing our clients to define that their product, which is protected by our system, can be defined as “AutoStart”, and if so, our DLL will place a shortcut to the protected application in the Startup folder.

Another software product which is using SGPRS was developed as a Multi Threaded application. The application sometime restarts itself which causes our DLL to be called more then once. In that case our decission was not to interfere and suggest that our client will fix the problem himself. We would never setup a rule that will answer all scenarios in this area.


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